Laura Wetz: Mastering Boston!

On Monday our very own Laura Wetz will be toeing the line at the 120th Boston Marathon. If that wasn’t exciting enough, Laura has the opportunity to compete as an Elite Masters! She has been training hard over the past few months with coach Jim Jurcevich, CRC owner and 3x Olympic Trials qualifier. Before she heads out we asked Laura a little about her training and racing.

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How did you get to this moment in your running career?

This upcoming Boston Marathon will be my 7th marathon. I started running again 5 years ago after along hiatus once I graduated from college. After having my two children, I started to run again to get in shape and made the resolution on New Year’s Eve in 2011 to run a marathon; something that has been on my bucket list since I was 21 and volunteered at the Chicago Marathon. At the time, I thought I would do one marathon and be done. However, I enjoyed the training and racing experience so much that I haven’t really stopped since. My training hasn’t always been very smooth and there have definitely been some setbacks along the way with two major stress fractures in 2014. I didn’t let those injuries derail me. They actually taught me more about myself as an athlete and gave me insights into areas that I had to work on and strengthen.

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What has training been like leading up to this race?

This season has been a very fun and exciting one with new team members and a new coach. The training plan and marathon buildup has also been very different than what I have done in the past with new types of workouts. My training for the Boston Marathon this year started the week after Christmas and has been probably the toughest 16 weeks of training that I have ever logged.

What does a typical training day look like for you?

A typical day of training for me begins at 5am. I get myself ready as well as my two sons, Liam (8) and Landon (6) who need to be off to school by 7am. I then teach elementary art in Worthington and can usually start my run by 4pm, after I finish preparing my plans for the next day of teaching. I typically run between 8-14 miles during the week and run longer on the weekends. I usually get home by 6pm, depending on the mileage for that day. When I get home, I begin to make dinner for my family, shower, and then begin the bedtime routine. I am very grateful for my very supportive husband who picks up my boys from school and watches them while I run. Without his support, running would be very difficult to squeeze into my day.

What have been your hardest or favorite workouts leading up to Boston?

This season I have tried some very new types of workouts which really brought some excitement to running. I have done many fartleks this season which is something very new to my training. I was more accustomed to steady state tempo runs before this season. I really enjoyed the fartleks although they were probably my hardest workout to get through when the length of the workout increased. My favorite workout this season was the Odds and Evens. It was something new again, but I really enjoyed alternating the paces between each mile because it broke up the run to keep it interesting.

Can you describe how you feel heading into the race?

I am very excited to line up with some of the best marathoners in the world on April 18th in Boston. When I was notified with the news that I have qualified to run in the Elite Women’s Start, I couldn’t believe it. It was not too long ago that I was just trying to qualify to run in the Boston Marathon. I knew that this was an opportunity that I just couldn’t pass up. With the excitement, there are also some nerves because it will be a very different marathon experience than I’ve ever had. With an early women’s start, I will not have any men to run with and I might find myself running the majority of the race alone. However, it will be a memory that I will treasure regardless of how the race unfolds.

Good luck to Laura and everyone heading out to Boston! We’ll be cheering you on in Columbus!

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