Cory Irwin: A Second Run at Grandma’s Marathon

Cory Irwin will be on the starting line in Duluth, Minnesota on Saturday to race the Grandma’s Marathon for the second time. After tackling the distance as a rookie last year, Cory is ready to take on the marathon once again in “one of the coolest races [he’s] ever been a part of”. Here he shares his goals for Saturday and how running balances his life:

This month (June, 2016) marks my fourth year as a member of CRC’s elite team, and it has been nothing short of a pleasure. As a full time restaurant manager running is the outlet in my life that I feel allows me to be a 3 dimensional individual. I am extremely passionate about food and beverage as a career but running is my first love. Since joining the team in 2012 I have made some amazing friends and have been privileged to compete and represent Columbus Running Company in countless races as an individual and team member.

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 1.50.24 PM.png

Cory with CRC Elite at Shamrock Shuffle

I am the kind of person that works hard and plays hard as well. In return, focusing on health and fitness is the balance in my life that keeps me grounded. I typically train 65-75 miles per week while incorporating faster closing tempos and long runs as my main workouts. I also focus a lot on core and upper body conditioning to keep my strength up. I do all mileage in single runs mainly because I have a crazy work schedule. I enjoy to race a diverse range of distances from the mile up to the marathon. I pride myself on being “decent” at competing in all distances (laughs). With a Half Marathon PR of 1:09’34, I was a bit short of my goal in my first marathon last year at Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN. I ran 2:38’40 doing the old rookie maneuver of going out the first half on goal pace and slowing down tremendously the second half.

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 1.50.36 PM.png

This Saturday at Grandma’s marathon is going to be an extremely fun opportunity to compete and represent CRC at one of the coolest races I’ve been a part of. My main goal is to finish with a new PR and I think I’m in shape to do so in a big way. I have been feeling very strong with the exception of dislocating my shoulder on Memorial Day. The shoulder dislocation is a problem I’ve dealt with for about 18 months, and this August I will be getting my labrum repaired surgically. Since I will be out of running for a minimum of 2 months after surgery, the opportunity to go out and leave everything on the line in this marathon is the spark igniting the fire. I will be running the CRC Mile Dash 4 weeks after my marathon and then running The Bender 5k (in my home town of Canal Winchester) the following week to close out my summer racing season. I feel extremely fortunate to be a part of CRC and have to thank my family and friends for guiding me to sport of running at an early age.

Good luck to Cory as he races his second marathon this weekend! Thanks for sharing your miles with CRC Elite!

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