CRC Elite Training Update- Joe Guerra

Yes, it’s that time of year for me. The “trials of miles” time. After a successful track season, I’ve spent the past few summer months with my training dedicated to building strength. I was able to establish new 1500m, 3000m and half marathon personal bests in about a five month window from late February to early June of 2018. I believe this can be credited to successful building in the summer, fall and winter of 2017. With the help of my coach, I tried to safely increase my training workload during the second half of last year. Increasing training volume has always been and probably always will be a difficult challenge for me (I think this can be said for many “used-to-be” middle distance/long sprinters trying to transition to longer races like myself).

The workouts I’ve completed this past summer have been similar to last year’s, only with slightly higher volumes. I usually run a total of around 60-65 miles in a week compared to 50-60 last year. During the summer and fall of 2017, I would run maybe 5-6 mile repeats in a training session. This year, it’s around 6-8 miles per session. The paces haven’t increased much, but the challenge is still there with the 10%-20% mileage hike. It’s been fun so far, but increasingly difficult with the humidity we’ve experienced. I’ll be glad to see the leaves and temperatures fall soon.

I’m gearing up to race the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Half Marathon on October 21st. I might as well race a half marathon with all of the miles I’m running, right? I’m a bit out of my comfort zone racing a distance like this, but it is all part of the fun in training. If everything goes well, I’ll make it through in one piece and run a personal best. If everything doesn’t go well, I’ll probably drop out at mile 9 and throw up red Gatorade on myself. Either way, I’m looking at this race as a chance to improve myself whether it’s physically and/or mentally.

Outside of running, I’ve worked at J.P. Morgan Chase for the past three years. I recently started a new position at the firm within the private bank. It can be difficult learning a new role, but I think my transition has gone well so far. It helps that I have the chance to work with people I know and have worked with in the past (including CRC’s Jake Edwards).

Trying to balance a running and professional career can be difficult, but it’s definitely possible. It just takes a little extra discipline and less ice cream on my part. I’m usually up around 5:00am or shortly after for a weekday morning run or workout and sleeping by 9:00-9:30pm. I’m lucky to have a middle school track that’s always open 2 miles away from my house and the 27 miles of New Albany bike trails to run on. I can roll out of bed and run from my front door before getting ready for work.

I had the chance to represent my country, San Marino, at the 2018 Championships of the Small States of Athletics in Liechtenstein this past June. Although my race didn’t go as well as planned, it was still a great experience with my family and it’s always great to see friends, teammates and coaches from “the motherland”. I’ve since gone back to the drawing board and am currently preparing for the Games of The Small States of Europe that will take place in Montenegro next May 2019 with hopes of bringing home another medal.







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