Rachel Weber

I love running (DUH). I love coffee (can’t go a day without it)! I LOVE the color yellow (it makes the world a happier brighter place). Most of all, I love Jesus (He is my ultimate joy).IMG_3016
High School: Dublin Coffman
College: THE Ohio State University
Currently coached by: Rob Myers
600: 1:28.14 (Feb. 2017)
800: 2:02.67 (May 2017)
1500: 4:21 (Apr. 2017)
5k (road): 16:29 (Sept. 2017)
6k (XC): 20:47 (Dec. 2017)
Goals for 2018: 
1. Make the US final and contend for the worlds team at the USATF indoor championships
2. Hit the world A standard for the 800 (2:01.00)
3. Place in the top three in the Bring Back the Mile (BBTM) 2018 series. (So close this year… I want it next year!)
4. Compete on the European circuit summer 2018
5. Inspire other people to attempt the extraordinary and chase their dreams as well