Cap City Half Marathon Championships

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On Saturday Columbus will host the 2016 USATF Half Marathon Championships in conjunction with the Cap City Half Marathon. The championship brings Olympians, live race coverage, and $90,000 in prize money to Columbus, adding a new level of excitement to the race atmosphere. Our CRC Elite members racing on Saturday took time to share their goals, training and feelings on the rare opportunity to race a championship event on their home turf.

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Brooke Benner

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone to race my first half marathon! Post-collegiately marathons took the main stage, so I’m excited to take a shot at the shorter distance. Though I still have a lot to learn about road races, I’ve learned that for me a lot of hard work has led to being able to chip away at my times. I’m excited to have a starting point at the 13.1 distance and continue to become a better runner in the future. Heading into the race I’ve set two goals for myself. The first is to compete- I haven’t set a firm goal time in an effort to avoid self-imposed pressures. However, I think it’s important to get uncomfortable during the race, dig deep, and finish strong. I really want to leave it all out there. The second is to enjoy the race! It’s easy to let nerves get in the way and forget how much I’ve enjoyed my training. And I have the opportunity to race some of the fastest and most influential women in the sport on the streets of my hometown!

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Cory Irwin

I’m very excited to be a part of Cap City and The USATF Half Marathon Championships. The fact that Columbus is playing host to this event in 2016 and 2017 is fantastic for the running community and city as a whole. Cap City in 2011 was my first half marathon I attempted competitively as a Junior at Ohio University. I was coming off a big year on the track where I set a 5k pr and I thought the half would be a great and easy way to cap off my season. Boy was I wrong! I went out wit the Kenyan leaders and definitely payed the rookie price. After completing numbers half marathons since graduating college in 2012, I’m back on the Cap City starting line this weekend and more excited than ever to go out and try to better my 1:09’35 best from two years ago. I’ve put in the miles and work this winter/spring and I am very excited to compete with my CRC teammates and represent the C Bus. Check out Cory’s interview with the Columbus Dispatch here!

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Jack Schlabig

I’ve run three half marathons but Cap City is definitely one of the more exciting ones! The weather looks perfect and there will be plenty of fast runners. Cap City is the USATF Half Marathon Championships so I’ll be able to lineup against Olympians, Pros and All-Americans. I’ve looked up to many of the runners and just being able to compete against them will be great. I’ll need to stick to my race plan and not get caught up in a fast first mile. I ran my PR of 70:43 at the Columbus half marathon last October and I’m looking to improve on it at Cap City. Before most races I write ABC goals. A C goal is an average race, a B goal is a pretty good race and an A goal is an almost perfect race. My C goal is to PR, B goal is to break 70:00 and A goal is to break 69:30. I recently did a workout of 2X3 mile with 800 jog @ 15:41, 15:25, one of my best workouts ever. Hopefully, it’s a good indication of my fitness and I can achieve my goals. With one day to go it’s about resting and getting ready for race day. Good luck to everyone racing!

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Evan Schwartz

I ran Cap City in 2015 as my second half marathon and it is still my PR at the distance in 68:40. I loved the course and atmosphere of the race in general and being able to run past parts of the course you train on and run by every day is something special. This year and next year it serves as the USA Half Marathon Championships, so to be able to toe the line with the best in America is a great opportunity. I imagine I’ll be doing a lot of pinching myself during the warmup, race, and cool down to remind myself “yes this is real life!” My training for the race has gone pretty well and I’m excited to be chasing a new PR. I did a 12 week buildup averaging 109 miles a week, with a low of 98 and a high of 126. I’ve hit all the workouts I had planned out so all that is left to do is lace up the shoes and go run 13.1 miles of good effort!

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Logan Wells

When I first found out that I had gotten into the elite field for this weekend, my initial thought was–I’m going to get my ass handed to me. There are so many great athletes in the field, and I’m a little out of my depth on this one. As I started in on my buildup, though, I abandoned that dread for excitement. It is a very rare opportunity to line up with so much speed and talent all at once, and I can’t wait to take full advantage of it. I think it’s important in this sport to remember that you can compete against yourself just as much as you can the rest of the field, and that’s something I’ve really tried to embrace during this training block. It’s also important to enjoy the ups and downs that come along with that, and embrace the challenges that get thrown your way. So, that being said, I can’t wait to race this weekend, hang on for dear life, and see where that takes me!

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Kristina Zahniser

I am extremely honored to represent CRC.   As a mom of three young boys (3 yrs,6 yrs, 10 yr old) and holding a full time job as a pharmacist, I value the time that I am able to train.   I look forward to training hard and striving to reach new goals .I’m coming off a successful 2015/early 2016 in which i set PRs in 5k/10/Half and full. I was able to take seven minutes off of my half PR over the course of the year.  Skipping a fall marathon helped me to better prepare for the LA marathon in February 2016. I was very happy to have run an eleven minute PR despite the heat. Now I am slowly switching gears to the shorter races again. I plan to run Cap City as a hard effort.

We’re excited to watch our team race hard on Saturday! Come watch the race with us at the Columbus Running Company’s Short North location. You can also watch televised race coverage on WBNS 10-TV with the championship race starting at 7:55 a.m.

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