Paige Biglin: Going After Glass City

Paige Biglin is a CRC Elite veteran who has set many personal and team records since joining in 2009. A true ambassador of the sport, she is also a certified USATF Ohio representative, attending annual meetings & striving to improve the running community.  Her training has changed after giving birth to her son James in 2014, but she continues to set high goals and works hard to achieve them. On Sunday, Paige will run the Glass City Marathon–her 13th race at the marathon distance. With her eyes set on another personal best, we asked Paige to tell us what training has been like as a new mom and what this race means to her.

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 1.53.07 PM.png

“Even with 13 marathons under my belt, I still feel nervous about this Sunday’s Glass City Marathon. I keep telling myself that nerves are a good thing – it means I really care about performing my best!

Physically I know I am very fit. [My coach] Eric wrote me a challenging plan for this winter and (despite my initial doubts) I nailed pretty much all of it! I peaked at just over 80 miles, with most weeks totaling in the 70s. Each week usually had two hard workouts and a long run. Some of the workouts looked just crazy on paper, like fast 800s sandwiched by marathon pace miles. I was shocked when I successfully completed that one.

The hardest part of training, however, is just finding the time! I work 10-hour days and have a two-year-old son so this often means I’m still trotting on the treadmill at 9:30 pm. In order to prioritize sleep or maintain life balance, I’ve had to learn to choose to cut miles sometimes which challenges the overachiever in me.

Although I run a lot less and mostly on the treadmill since having my son two years ago, I think I am in shape to challenge my 2:51 PR from 2011. Most of the Glass City Marathon is familiar to me – it even comes within a shouting distance of both my high school and my parents’ house – so it’s the perfect setting to go after it.”

We can’t wait to see Paige go after it on Sunday! Good luck to her and everyone racing this weekend.

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